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✦ HOW TO RENT ✦ It's easy! All orders must reach a $300 MINIMUM. It can be through rentals, balloons, or rentals and balloons - it doesn't matter how you reach the $300 minimum!

✦ DELIVERY OR PICKUP ✦ You can pick up your rentals and balloons free of charge or have us deliver! Delivery for rentals is an additional $100 and delivery for a balloon garland is an additional $50 (this includes balloon installation.) Prices shown are for a 10 mile radius from our warehouse. $2 per mile thereafter. Warehouse Location: 2101 E. Carson St. Long Beach CA 90807

✦ NEED HELP SETTING UP? ✦ Hire us to help you with day-of setup and breakdown! Talk about convenience - for an additional $300 we will work with you side by side from start to finish. $300 includes: preplanning design help, setup of rentals and balloons, finishing details to make sure event is cohesive, and finally breakdown/cleanup post event. This should be STRESS FREE, so let us help!


A NON REFUNDABLE 30% down deposit is required to place any order. As well as a signed contract of our rental agreement.

If you choose to PICK UP a balloon garland or rentals yourself - an appropriate SUV/UHAUL and moving equipment is required. We will conduct a thorough inspection and checklist of all rentals before they are handed off to ensure quality. If a product is damaged while in your care please inform us as soon as possible - we understand accidents happen!

Price of rentals reflect a FOUR day window. You are NOT charged daily. Late fees are incurred if not returned in four day window. Pick-up and Drop-off can be arranged accordingly from our warehouse. WAREHOUSE LOCATION: 2102 E. Carson St. Long Beach 90807

for example!

Jane Doe is throwing a bridal shower. She meets the $300 minimum made up of rentals and balloons. She totals $450 for everything!

Jane Doe then decides she wants the convenience factor of delivery and install. She adds $100 for rental delivery, and $50 for balloon delivery/install. Now she's at: $450 + $100 + $50 = $600.

Jane Doe could leave her invoice at this total, however she's not confident in her design skills when it comes to setting up and could use the extra help day-of. She decides to add the "full service" option for $300 - and be stress free. Now she's at: $600 + $300 = $900 grand total for everything! (not including tax)

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We would love to hear your ideas and help design the event of your dreams. If you don't see something you're looking for or have any questions, please reach out. We know how to make every dollar count, so send us your ideas and your budget. We've got this!! - XO